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Bio-oils and bio-lubricants produced from vegetable oils and synthetic ester oils.

All our products are easily biodegradable.

Our Oils

2T DIY oil

BIO 2T DIY oil is a premium synthetic low ash two-stroke formulation for use in 2T applications involving high engine temperatures, high engine speed, and high torque.

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BIHOL is readily biodegradable rapeseed oil based hydraulic lubricants offering an excellent level of lubrication and an improved operating temperature range. Developed to replace the usual mineral oil based hydraulic lubricants to reduce an environmental footprint.

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BIO 2T Outboard oil

Biona BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is a superior performance NMMA TC-W3® fully tested and certified lubricant for all 2-Stroke gasoline engines of outboards, jet-ski and other leisure craft. BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is engineered using the latest technology for ultimate engine protection. BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is readily biodegradable & non-toxic in the marine environment.

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Grease with special additives designed for the food industry.

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Industrial grease, vegetable oil based, biodegradable.

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Grease based on a synthetic oil, stable, versatile application.

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