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Separating oil based on rapeseed oil with additives improving the thermo-oxidative stability and corrosion protection. Forms a continuous film lubricant, suitable for use in the manufacture of formwork system, the separation of asphalt materials and preca

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A specially developed oil separation molds in production SPIROL. It has greater viscosity and contains special additives forming a continuous lubricating film.

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PREMIUM Hydraulic Oil (HEES)

PREMIUM Hydraulic Oil is ultimate performance, fully synthetic, zinc-free, readily biodegradable hydraulic oil based on top-tier fully saturated synthetic esters.

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Hydraulic Oil PLUS (HEES)

Hydraulic Oil PLUS presents a high performance, fully synthetic, zinc-free, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on saturated synthetic esters. A special additive package delivers excellent extreme pressure properties, thermal oxidation resistance, anti-wear and non-foaming control. Because of the high Viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil PLUS provides extremely wide operating temperature range. Hydraulic Oil PLUS allows for very long oil-change intervals resulting in cost effectiveness and CO2 emissions reduction. Hydraulic Oil PLUS is produced at viscosity classes ISO VG 15/22/32/46/68/100

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