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Leading European producer

Biona Group of companies is proud to become one of the biggest specialized producers of bio-lubricants and greases in Europe. In recent years Biona has also seen a rapid international expansion with its LUBECO brand of products. Established in 1994 Biona continues to be a proud family owned company with strong core values standing behind every single drop of oil produced.

Největší český výrobce bioolejů

  • Leading and one of the largest European producer of biodegradable oils and greases
  • Fully automated production plants strategically located in the Czech Republic
  • Bio-oils and bio-greases are produced both on vegetable oils and synthetic esters basis
  • All products are readilly biodegradable
  • Annually we sell over 10 million liters of bio-lubricants in 40 countries
  • Export takes more than 70% - key markets Germany, Austria, France, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia and international markets such as New Zealand & Australia
  • In-house modern research & development center